Introducing me

Hello dear readers,

My name is Jordan and in less than two weeks I will become a first time mum, and I am beyond excited. A pregnancy blog has always been something I wanted to start as I wanted to share my experiences and views with everyone, as everyone’s pregnancy path is different.

Recently, my boyfriend and I moved to Essex where we got our first place together. Moving has probably been the most stressful situation I have been in during my pregnancy, from the constant saving to buying all our new furniture and moving all our old stuff out of our previous homes into our new home.

I currently work as a swimming teacher, teaching children from ages 3 to 11. Coming from a competitive swimming background, teaching has been something I have always wanted to do but I have definitely realised I think it will be too hard trying to teach my own child how to swim! When I am not teaching, I am blogging on my personal entertainment blog where I blog about the latest films, gigs and music that has come out.


Author: frombumptobubba

A young mum experiencing motherhood for the first time.

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