The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Part Two

My part two post is all about the wonderful pregnancy symptoms I experienced over the nine months, however when I originally wanted to write and post my part two I went into labour a lot quicker than I expected and didn’t have a chance to write it.

My top five best pregnancy symptoms:

  1. Glowing skin

I noticed as soon as I fell pregnant my rashes and spots had cleared, my skin looked and felt amazing no matter how much crap I ate. Also what made me feel even better was how people noticed how great my skin looked and would compliment me.

2. A human growing inside of you

Far from a pregnancy symptom but I loved the feeling of my child kicking and squirming inside of me, at times it was painful – especially being kicked and punched in the ribs – but there is nothing more beautiful than having the life you created move inside of you.

3. Hair and nail growth

I definitely noticed my nails were growing twice as fast and even when I cut them they’d be long again in a matter of days, and my hair became softer and curlier and the texture really changed.

4. Increased appetite 

All you can eat food, I hear you say! There is no greater feeling than stuffing your face with whatever you’re craving as your bubba demands it. During my first trimester I was going through an avocado phase (even though I used to hate them) – this phase didn’t last long. I was also craving Hula Hoop crisps and Oreo milkshakes like no tomorrow.

5. Increased tiredness

As annoying as feeling tired all the time was, I’m a person who likes their sleep, so being able to sleep a lot during the day and blaming it on being pregnant was great and I didn’t feel guilty at all.


Author: frombumptobubba

A young mum blogging about balancing first time motherhood, mixed with university studies, sprinkled with a little curly/kinky hair products and reviews.

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