It’s almost been a month, but I still remember giving birth like it was yesterday.

Friday morning I had a membrane sweep to help induce my labour after it was reported my blood pressure was a little high and bubba was quite low down and ready to come out. The previous day I was experiencing infrequent contractions – contractions were like intense period pains – so once my sweep was done in the morning things started to kick into gear later on that day.

I remember watching The Chase on ITV at 5pm crying to my dad – after spending most of the day sleeping (it wasn’t easy sleeping through contractions -that I couldn’t take it anymore. Fast forward to 7:10pm lying on the bed in the labour ward (I’m 3cm dilated at this point) with my mum and dad trying to call my boyfriend and sister that the baby was on the way.

Everyone’s labour experiences are different of course, and on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a piece of cake and 10 being personified hell, I can honestly say my labour experience was a 7.5/8. When I originally arrived to the hospital I was sick twice due to my hormones being all over the place and having gas and air didn’t make this any better. The feelings of every contraction was like straining for poo, so every few minutes I kept screaming “I need to poo!” and then being told by my mum, sister and the doctors and nurses that I needed to stop pushing as the baby was getting distressed by me pushing too early. And if needing to poo wasn’t the worse thing, lying there sweating buckets was no picnic either. Thankfully every time I had a visitor they fanned me with an empty sick pan to try and cool me down; “ugh, take your jacket off you’re making me hot just looking at you!” is what I remember barking  at my boyfriend when he came in.

Anyhow two hours later and a shot of pethidin in my right thigh, one of the doctors confirmed she could see the head – much to my sister and cousin’s surprise who were at my bed side – so they ran out to grab my mum and my boyfriend as it was time to push. All I could think was, thank God I was allowed to push I was tired as hell. I want to say 5-6 pushes, it could have been more but I was so out of it I can’t remember, I could feel my little boy coming out into the world. Literally. (I did briefly have to stop as the cord got stuck round his neck). A few seconds later he let out a little cry and then shut up. I couldn’t believe that I had given birth, an actual human had come out of my hoo-ha and was now completely dependent on me.



Author: frombumptobubba

A young mum blogging about balancing first time motherhood, mixed with university studies, sprinkled with a little curly/kinky hair products and reviews.

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