Can you believe it’s been a month? (part two)

It’s okay to cry and no one should ever make you feel bad for it. Immediately after giving birth my first wave of ‘baby blues’ hit me. We were about to transport Logan and I off the labour ward down into the birth centre, when he started crying hysterically and I couldn’t work out why. He’d been fed and burped several times and cuddled, yet he was still crying. Finally my mum said what about his nappy, and after checking I saw the black/green meconium poop sitting in his nappy. Seconds later I broke down crying because I failed to notice my son’s dirty nappy.I suddenly felt very stupid after as motherhood was (and still is) very new to me and I was expecting to know everything.

At the moment I’m still expecting to know everything which is impossible and within the last 6 weeks I’ve learnt it’s okay to relax and take your time with things, motherhood isn’t a rush. After coming home from the hospital my partner took a week of paternity leave where we bonded as a family. Our twosome now had become a threesome. My partner was amazing (thanks babe!) on his week off cooking all the meals, making me breakfast in bed, making sure I was constantly hydrated especially whilst breastfeeding – who knew feeding was thirsty work! – and doing the laundry that had piled up.

Once my Mr had gone back to work, my mum came up to stay with me for two weeks to help me a little which I’m eternally grateful for. She taught me how to balance taking care of Logan whilst doing day-to-day tasks as well as its okay to have a lazy day once in a while. Logan is now six weeks and every day I feel like having a lazy day but somehow my little man helps me through it. I’ll never forget how scared I was the first day my mum had gone home and I had Logan all to myself but I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

Just before giving birth I researched about the aftermath of giving birth and read about how scary your first wee and poo would be and all I could think was; how hard could it be?

Well, how hard could it be??

Five minutes after giving birth the doctors told me I needed to do a wee and it was imperative that I did one, it took me 3-4 hours and an annoyed midwife telling me off to pee but it eventually happened. But nothing was worse than trying to do my first poo since giving birth. It had been three days and I still couldn’t poop as much as I wanted to. One day the community midwife said if I hadn’t popped by our next scheduled visit she would have to prescribe me laxatives. I thought f that and hours later I did my first poo which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be due to the fact I had no tearing (yay me!)

During my pregnancy my smallest weight was 58.6kg (9.2st) and at the end of my pregnancy I was 76.4kg (12st). Two days post-partum I weighed 66.6kg (10.4st) and this was all down to breastfeeding. I’m thankful I’m able to breastfeed Logan and he is able to latch on, doing so had helped us bond and helped me lose my pregnancy weight. Currently at six weeks post-partum I weigh 61kg (9.6st) and I’m happy with my weight, my goal is to tone up my belly and bum for 2017!



Author: frombumptobubba

A young mum experiencing motherhood for the first time.

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