Where I wouldn’t be without…

I must admit I’m a bit of a product junkie, during my pregnancy and post-partum I bought many products that helped me and Logan along the way.

  1. Lanisoh (available from main supermarkets, boots)

This amazing nipple cream saved my life (and my nips) the first week of breastfeeding was emotional and painful and with the addition of sore nips extremely stressful but this little purple tube of wonder helped ease that.

Pros: you don’t need to wipe the cream off before feeding as the ingredients are baby friendly.

Cons: can be a little pricey at £10

2. Onco baby rear view mirror (available from Amazon)

A big, fat thank you to my sister’s best friend who recommended this! I’m the type pf person who likes driving and I tend to drive long journeys between Essex and North London and this rear view baby mirror has become my new best friend since having Logan. During my pregnancy I fretted a lot how I would handle driving the distance whilst having Logan in the back and now I’m finally at ease!

Pros; easily adjustable and easy to set up, cheap and doesn’t wobble whilst driving.

cons: can be difficult to see whilst driving in the dark.

3. Tommee Tippee Nappy Disposable System (available from Mothercare, Argos, Amazon)

Thankful for my godmother buying this! This nifty little bin stores away the dirty nappies and seals in the odour(luckily Logan who is exclusively breastfed, nappies don’t smell!)

Pros: seals in the odour- your home will never smell of dirty nappies again.

Cons: the nappy refills can be expensive so I will always buy them on offer!

4. Toujours nappies (available from Lidl)

Now of course nappies are a necessity – however its the case of disposable or cloth? Before Logan was born I opted for disposable nappies but my next decision was which brand; Huggies or Pampers? After some advice from my family members I opted for Pampers and thankfully my god-brother told me about Lidl’s own brand nappies which are amazing!

Pros: true to size, very rarely has Logan leaked in these nappies.

Cons: there isn’t a helpful wetness indicator on the nappy like on Pampers.

5. Tommee Tippee Manual Breast Pump (available from most supermarkets, Mothercare)

Breastfeeding is quick and easy for me especially in the comfort of my own home. However when out and about it isn’t always easy nor are there discreet places I can go to feed Logan. So I decided to buy the pump that was compatible with my bottles. Who knew expressing could be so quick and easy!

Pros: easy to assemble, clean and sterilise.

Cons: pumping can be tiring and your arm will ache after a while.

6. Changing table (available from Ikea)

I was in two minds whether to get a changing table or not. On one hand people said as long as you have a changing mat you can change your baby anywhere however people said getting a changing table comes with those nifty drawers where you can store nappies and wipes. The changing table I purchased converts into a desk for when Logan gets older, so thankfully I’ve got this table for life.

Pros: loads of space for baby toiletries.


Can you believe it’s been a month? (part two)

It’s okay to cry and no one should ever make you feel bad for it. Immediately after giving birth my first wave of ‘baby blues’ hit me. We were about to transport Logan and I off the labour ward down into the birth centre, when he started crying hysterically and I couldn’t work out why. He’d been fed and burped several times and cuddled, yet he was still crying. Finally my mum said what about his nappy, and after checking I saw the black/green meconium poop sitting in his nappy. Seconds later I broke down crying because I failed to notice my son’s dirty nappy.I suddenly felt very stupid after as motherhood was (and still is) very new to me and I was expecting to know everything.

At the moment I’m still expecting to know everything which is impossible and within the last 6 weeks I’ve learnt it’s okay to relax and take your time with things, motherhood isn’t a rush. After coming home from the hospital my partner took a week of paternity leave where we bonded as a family. Our twosome now had become a threesome. My partner was amazing (thanks babe!) on his week off cooking all the meals, making me breakfast in bed, making sure I was constantly hydrated especially whilst breastfeeding – who knew feeding was thirsty work! – and doing the laundry that had piled up.

Once my Mr had gone back to work, my mum came up to stay with me for two weeks to help me a little which I’m eternally grateful for. She taught me how to balance taking care of Logan whilst doing day-to-day tasks as well as its okay to have a lazy day once in a while. Logan is now six weeks and every day I feel like having a lazy day but somehow my little man helps me through it. I’ll never forget how scared I was the first day my mum had gone home and I had Logan all to myself but I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

Just before giving birth I researched about the aftermath of giving birth and read about how scary your first wee and poo would be and all I could think was; how hard could it be?

Well, how hard could it be??

Five minutes after giving birth the doctors told me I needed to do a wee and it was imperative that I did one, it took me 3-4 hours and an annoyed midwife telling me off to pee but it eventually happened. But nothing was worse than trying to do my first poo since giving birth. It had been three days and I still couldn’t poop as much as I wanted to. One day the community midwife said if I hadn’t popped by our next scheduled visit she would have to prescribe me laxatives. I thought f that and hours later I did my first poo which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be due to the fact I had no tearing (yay me!)

During my pregnancy my smallest weight was 58.6kg (9.2st) and at the end of my pregnancy I was 76.4kg (12st). Two days post-partum I weighed 66.6kg (10.4st) and this was all down to breastfeeding. I’m thankful I’m able to breastfeed Logan and he is able to latch on, doing so had helped us bond and helped me lose my pregnancy weight. Currently at six weeks post-partum I weigh 61kg (9.6st) and I’m happy with my weight, my goal is to tone up my belly and bum for 2017!


Can you believe it’s been a month? Part One

I still can’t get over that this time last month, my son made his appearance into the world. Its been a hectic, messy four weeks, I’ve been sick on, pooped on, weed on and sneezed on but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“Nappies, nappies everywhere, poo and wee flying in the air” (I just made that up). Within bubba’s first few days on the planet, he pooped all over me. How did that happen you ask, between hysterical laughter, well… I was still physically in pain from my labour and decided to change my son on our bed under his changing mat. After taking off his baby gro and vest much to his discomfort as he was crying his heart out, he went silent and then ‘PAAAARP’. A whole load of yellow poop flew out covering me ans the bed and all I could do is smile and look down at my beautiful son, and of course my boyfriend laughed his head off and said “rather you, than me babe”. As the weeks have gone on I’ve learnt when changing my son’s nappy to always have a wipe ready to cover his willy. One day I wasn’t quick enough with the wipe and well you can imagine what happened next.

Something that was definitely a news flash to me was how stressful it is to introduce your newborn to the outside world. Firstly trying to get ready to leave the house was a nightmare, I’m getting ready to leave but suddenly bubba is hungry again and then you have to burp him, and minutes after putting him in his car seat you see him smile and go quiet… yup you’ve guessed it, he’s doing a poo and in fear of not wanting poop everywhere you get him out to change him again. I’ve quickly learnt that trying to leave the house with a newborn requires waking up a hour earlier than scheduled.

Oh the joys of sleepless nights, does it get any better? HA! The most sleep I’ve had consecutively is three hours during one night. Bubba’s sleeping pattern at the moment is two hours asleep, one to one and a half awake which is spent feeding, burping and changing his nappy. However everyday is a different day in the world of a newborn. What they do today is different from what they do tomorrow. Everyone always says “sleep when your baby sleeps” HA! (again) that’s easier said than done!  Today my son spent most of the day sleeping so here I am awake writing this blog at 1:30am struggling to keep my eyes open whilst my son attempts to drift off into a deep sleep



It’s almost been a month, but I still remember giving birth like it was yesterday.

Friday morning I had a membrane sweep to help induce my labour after it was reported my blood pressure was a little high and bubba was quite low down and ready to come out. The previous day I was experiencing infrequent contractions – contractions were like intense period pains – so once my sweep was done in the morning things started to kick into gear later on that day.

I remember watching The Chase on ITV at 5pm crying to my dad – after spending most of the day sleeping (it wasn’t easy sleeping through contractions -that I couldn’t take it anymore. Fast forward to 7:10pm lying on the bed in the labour ward (I’m 3cm dilated at this point) with my mum and dad trying to call my boyfriend and sister that the baby was on the way.

Everyone’s labour experiences are different of course, and on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a piece of cake and 10 being personified hell, I can honestly say my labour experience was a 7.5/8. When I originally arrived to the hospital I was sick twice due to my hormones being all over the place and having gas and air didn’t make this any better. The feelings of every contraction was like straining for poo, so every few minutes I kept screaming “I need to poo!” and then being told by my mum, sister and the doctors and nurses that I needed to stop pushing as the baby was getting distressed by me pushing too early. And if needing to poo wasn’t the worse thing, lying there sweating buckets was no picnic either. Thankfully every time I had a visitor they fanned me with an empty sick pan to try and cool me down; “ugh, take your jacket off you’re making me hot just looking at you!” is what I remember barking  at my boyfriend when he came in.

Anyhow two hours later and a shot of pethidin in my right thigh, one of the doctors confirmed she could see the head – much to my sister and cousin’s surprise who were at my bed side – so they ran out to grab my mum and my boyfriend as it was time to push. All I could think was, thank God I was allowed to push I was tired as hell. I want to say 5-6 pushes, it could have been more but I was so out of it I can’t remember, I could feel my little boy coming out into the world. Literally. (I did briefly have to stop as the cord got stuck round his neck). A few seconds later he let out a little cry and then shut up. I couldn’t believe that I had given birth, an actual human had come out of my hoo-ha and was now completely dependent on me.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Part Two

My part two post is all about the wonderful pregnancy symptoms I experienced over the nine months, however when I originally wanted to write and post my part two I went into labour a lot quicker than I expected and didn’t have a chance to write it.

My top five best pregnancy symptoms:

  1. Glowing skin

I noticed as soon as I fell pregnant my rashes and spots had cleared, my skin looked and felt amazing no matter how much crap I ate. Also what made me feel even better was how people noticed how great my skin looked and would compliment me.

2. A human growing inside of you

Far from a pregnancy symptom but I loved the feeling of my child kicking and squirming inside of me, at times it was painful – especially being kicked and punched in the ribs – but there is nothing more beautiful than having the life you created move inside of you.

3. Hair and nail growth

I definitely noticed my nails were growing twice as fast and even when I cut them they’d be long again in a matter of days, and my hair became softer and curlier and the texture really changed.

4. Increased appetite 

All you can eat food, I hear you say! There is no greater feeling than stuffing your face with whatever you’re craving as your bubba demands it. During my first trimester I was going through an avocado phase (even though I used to hate them) – this phase didn’t last long. I was also craving Hula Hoop crisps and Oreo milkshakes like no tomorrow.

5. Increased tiredness

As annoying as feeling tired all the time was, I’m a person who likes their sleep, so being able to sleep a lot during the day and blaming it on being pregnant was great and I didn’t feel guilty at all.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Part One

Ah the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to pregnancy symptoms. Something I learnt during my pregnancy is that no lady is the same, and no pregnancy symptom is the same. What may feel like absolute hell for me, might not even affect you at all.

Here are my worst top five pregnancy symptoms:

1. Morning sickness/nausea 

As I sit here typing this at 39 weeks, I’m unfortunately still getting nausea which bloody sucks. However it has subsided over the last few weeks but the constant needing to run to the toilet did make my pregnancy quite difficult.

2. Heartburn

Let me paint you a picture, imagine you’re sitting down or walking about minding your own business and then all of a sudden the fires of hell are rising inside your chest and you end up pulling the ‘oh god, why me?’ face. Yeah from my second trimester until now that’s what I feel pretty much every day.

3. Frequent urination

I’d like to say pre-pregnancy my bladder was pretty strong, well obviously that’s changed especially as my bubba has gotten bigger and decided the most comfortable place to lie is on top of mummy’s bladder.

4.  Constipation vs Diarrhoea

I know a lot of family and friends that are gonna read this are probably thinking ‘wow, couldn’t you have left this out Jordan?’ well I say honesty is the best policy! Whether you have one or the other or you are unfortunately cursed with both, the end result is sitting on the loo in tears crying ‘why me?’ (yet again.)

5. Forgetfulness aka ‘baby brain’ 

Oh I can’t wait to get my mind back on track! There’s only so many times you can apologise for your clueless behaviour and absent mindlessness and blame it on ‘baby brain’ from forgetting the journey home you’ve been driving for the last how many years to forgetting what you were even talking about with a friend.




Introducing me

Hello dear readers,

My name is Jordan and in less than two weeks I will become a first time mum, and I am beyond excited. A pregnancy blog has always been something I wanted to start as I wanted to share my experiences and views with everyone, as everyone’s pregnancy path is different.

Recently, my boyfriend and I moved to Essex where we got our first place together. Moving has probably been the most stressful situation I have been in during my pregnancy, from the constant saving to buying all our new furniture and moving all our old stuff out of our previous homes into our new home.

I currently work as a swimming teacher, teaching children from ages 3 to 11. Coming from a competitive swimming background, teaching has been something I have always wanted to do but I have definitely realised I think it will be too hard trying to teach my own child how to swim! When I am not teaching, I am blogging on my personal entertainment blog where I blog about the latest films, gigs and music that has come out.