The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Part Two

My part two post is all about the wonderful pregnancy symptoms I experienced over the nine months, however when I originally wanted to write and post my part two I went into labour a lot quicker than I expected and didn’t have a chance to write it.

My top five best pregnancy symptoms:

  1. Glowing skin

I noticed as soon as I fell pregnant my rashes and spots had cleared, my skin looked and felt amazing no matter how much crap I ate. Also what made me feel even better was how people noticed how great my skin looked and would compliment me.

2. A human growing inside of you

Far from a pregnancy symptom but I loved the feeling of my child kicking and squirming inside of me, at times it was painful – especially being kicked and punched in the ribs – but there is nothing more beautiful than having the life you created move inside of you.

3. Hair and nail growth

I definitely noticed my nails were growing twice as fast and even when I cut them they’d be long again in a matter of days, and my hair became softer and curlier and the texture really changed.

4. Increased appetite 

All you can eat food, I hear you say! There is no greater feeling than stuffing your face with whatever you’re craving as your bubba demands it. During my first trimester I was going through an avocado phase (even though I used to hate them) – this phase didn’t last long. I was also craving Hula Hoop crisps and Oreo milkshakes like no tomorrow.

5. Increased tiredness

As annoying as feeling tired all the time was, I’m a person who likes their sleep, so being able to sleep a lot during the day and blaming it on being pregnant was great and I didn’t feel guilty at all.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Part One

Ah the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to pregnancy symptoms. Something I learnt during my pregnancy is that no lady is the same, and no pregnancy symptom is the same. What may feel like absolute hell for me, might not even affect you at all.

Here are my worst top five pregnancy symptoms:

1. Morning sickness/nausea 

As I sit here typing this at 39 weeks, I’m unfortunately still getting nausea which bloody sucks. However it has subsided over the last few weeks but the constant needing to run to the toilet did make my pregnancy quite difficult.

2. Heartburn

Let me paint you a picture, imagine you’re sitting down or walking about minding your own business and then all of a sudden the fires of hell are rising inside your chest and you end up pulling the ‘oh god, why me?’ face. Yeah from my second trimester until now that’s what I feel pretty much every day.

3. Frequent urination

I’d like to say pre-pregnancy my bladder was pretty strong, well obviously that’s changed especially as my bubba has gotten bigger and decided the most comfortable place to lie is on top of mummy’s bladder.

4.  Constipation vs Diarrhoea

I know a lot of family and friends that are gonna read this are probably thinking ‘wow, couldn’t you have left this out Jordan?’ well I say honesty is the best policy! Whether you have one or the other or you are unfortunately cursed with both, the end result is sitting on the loo in tears crying ‘why me?’ (yet again.)

5. Forgetfulness aka ‘baby brain’ 

Oh I can’t wait to get my mind back on track! There’s only so many times you can apologise for your clueless behaviour and absent mindlessness and blame it on ‘baby brain’ from forgetting the journey home you’ve been driving for the last how many years to forgetting what you were even talking about with a friend.