18 months; what have I learnt so far?

Motherhood. Parenthood.

Does it get easier? Hell no, each day gets harder and harder, as Logan gets stronger and wiser. Originally when I wanted to write this post, I wanted it to be titled ‘What have I learnt in the first year?’ what’s an extra six months of experience added on the side?

  1. Planning a first birthday will be the most stressful, emotional day of your life. The weeks leading up to Logan’s birthday I had planned (with the help of my mum and sister) the bouncy castle, the caterers, the hall, decorations. etc. No one ever warns you of how tiring the planning can be as well as the actual day. To be frank, I spent the majority of Logan’s birthday crying and eating cake – shout out to Elina for the gorgeous cupcakes and cakes!
  2. Everyone’s got something to say on whether you breastfed or not. I breastfed Logan until he was six months, I had had enough at this point, I was exhausted and wanted my boobies back. However some people would say to me; “oh you wouldn’t be that exhausted if you started breastfeeding in the first place”, “you should have breastfed for longer, it would build up his strength”. How about my tits and my choice!
  3. On the discussion of boobs, no one warns you how post-partum boobs can change so drastically. Pre-Logan I was a perky 32-34B (depending on the bra and the months), during my pregnancy I became a 32D and once my milk came in I was a 36D. Queue in, the back ache and boob pain. However once I stopped breastfeeding, my boobs disappeared and I mean literally disappeared. Vanished without a trace. For the last year, I’ve been a member of the ‘itty bitty titty committee’ which has shaken my confidence (I’m not going to lie) in wearing nice tops and dresses.
  4. You adjust to the sleep deprivation and exhaustion. It’s possible to get 4 hours sleep within one night, have a whinging, teething baby crying through the night, and make it to your 10am lecture by the skin of your teeth. Within the last 18 months I can honestly say Logan has only slept through the night at least 10-15 times. Even as I write this at 11:22pm I bet myself a G&T that Logan will wake up between 1-2am.
  5. Support is key, whether it’s from a partner, parents, siblings or friends. No one ever said becoming a parent would be easy, but nothing can prepare you for how hard it actually is. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and feel you have to struggle alone, it’s not worth it. My mum and sister love Logan to bits but every now and then they ask; how’s Jordan?

How am I? I’m exhausted, I became a human climbing frame in the middle of the night and Logan had me in a chokehold but I’m fine.

Update: Logan woke up at 11:25pm because he heard his dad talking loudly.


Its been a while

So a quick update, Logan is now five months and I have officially been working for two months. At first, I thought going back to work was a good idea but now I am regretting it. A hour of driving to drop Logan off to his babysitter, a hour to drive to work. Working around 2.5 – 3 hours then driving to pick Logan up and then driving home. The last few months have not been easy, not only have I been sleep deprived, I have been physically and mentally exhausted trying to cope with everything. So fellow working mums, when does it get easier?

As I am writing this post I can’t tell whether its a massive rant complaining about motherhood or keeping my readers updated with Logan’s milestones. Aside from the tiredness, seeing how Logan has changed over the many weeks has been incredible; from rolling on his front to his back, now rolling on his back to his front, attempting to crawl and using his knees, smiling and laughing 24/7 and most importantly being weaned.

Now I know you are supposed to start weaning at six months as recommended by the NHS, but we started when Logan was four months (approx. 17 weeks). Logan was always interested in our food, whether it was watching us like a hawk whilst we eat or trying to reach up and grab food off our plate. We started off with vegetables as recommended like carrots, peas and broccoli. For the last weeks I had been buying HIPP organic jars and Ella’s Kitchen pouches which have been on offer in Tesco’s. What I love about the jars and pouches is just the convenience of being able to use them and take them on the go. My partner did purchase a Tommee Tippee baby steamer and blender which I used for the first time at the weekend. It was easy and straight forward to use and has helpful booklets with recipes, and how long to steam and blend fruits and vegetables.